Flash Fiction Friday: A Cardboard Box

The only thing I want in my life right now is a cardboard box. It’s flexible. It’s durable. It’s everything I’d ever want in a piece of furniture. I can use to dance. I can use to sleep. I can use it for just about anything. And I can put things in it when I [...]

Writing Wednesday: 4 Reasons Why It’s Okay If You Don’t Write Every Day

Hey, there. Did you write today? No? What about yesterday? The day before that? No? Took the weekend off, maybe? Or maybe you haven't written in a month or years? Well... whatever the case, however much you wrote or did not write makes no difference to me. I know I just wrote a post about everything [...]

Monday Musings: Gender Bending and How It’s Helped My Writing

When I was about ten or eleven, before puberty hit and my height leveled off, I was the tallest girl in my fifth grade class. I was the tallest among most of my fellow girl friends, too. And because my perception of gender and sex at the time were determined by how tall you were and [...]