Do Me a Solid?

Hey, there! Thanks for stopping by this page.

If you like this blog and would like to support me monetarily or otherwise, keep reading.

Direct Support

For giving a minimum of $1 USD via Paypal.Me, I will list your name on the Supporters page on this blog and keep it up there for eternity.

For giving a minimum of $3 USD via, I will write you a handwritten, personalized thank-you note and send it to you in the mail. 

More Coming Soon…

I’m afraid that’s it for now. But I can assure you that more will be coming soon. I’m currently working on a novel and an accompanying OST, looking to publish a collection of extended flash fiction pieces, and hope to publish some short stories in a few magazines.

Either way, thanks again for visiting 🙂 .

See you next post!

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