A Humble Inquiry…

Hi, everybody! K. A. Parker here with a humble inquiry. Okay. Maybe not a humble inquiry. More like an idea that’s been bouncing around in my head for some time that’s gotten traction due to my interest in Critical Role and interactive storytelling, as of late. Here’s the thing: I know that I’ve been writing […]

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“What’s that?” “Hm?” “In your hand?” She pockets the spark from your sight. She’s hiding something. Again. You back off. You adjust your cravat and smile. “Do you like your dress?”

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Defying Expectations

She likes to watch her neighbor play catch with their dog on their front lawn — the demonstration of faith between human and canine soothing her soul. The dog is well trained — watches the ball, brings it back to the owner, places it at her feet. The dog knows the game. The dog does […]

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Coming Back

How sorely wrong Maria was when she thought coming back in her next life as a tree would be meaningful and fun. If only she had specified that she wanted to be an oak instead of a weird, bristly conifer. And if only she specified that she wanted to be planted in her old backyard […]

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