The King’s Departure

“It’s time for you to leave, Your Majetsy.” The monarch fluttered his great orange wings indignantly. “Excuse me?” “I said that it’s time for you to leave, Your Majesty.” “Oh, yes, yes, yes. Of course. It must be time for my daily flight around the flowers. Is that why you’ve come to me?” “No, Your […]

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The Other Side

Do you know why I’m wearing orange today? I know why you’re wearing orange today. I know why you’re here. But that wasn’t my question. I asked you if you knew why I was wearing orange today. Go on. Try it. Try to read my mind. I’ll wait.

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An Argument for Education

There are things in this world that we will never understand — things in this world that we’ll never truly feel a part of along with things in this world that are beyond the confines of our minds and our hearts. Which is why now, more than ever, my colleagues, we must educate ourselves. I […]

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The Art of Capturing Phantoms

They don’t make ghosts like they used to. Take, for instance, the girl near the koi pond on 5th street. She wears only a yellow dress, not even shoes. She stares at me from the bridge over the pond and waves at me, at anyone that passes her by. She’ll show up perfectly once I […]

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