Flash Fiction Friday: Lady in Blue

The blue chair sits beside the windowsill because I want it to be there. I like to stare out the window at the blue sky, my blue Convertible, and the blue neighbors jealous of my blue Convertible. I like sipping my blue tea in my porcelain cup with the beautiful blue rim and gold trimming the [...]

Flash Fiction Friday: Butterfly Man

On a Wednesday morning in Hap's Diner, two men -- one Black, the other British --  sat at a table across from each other and brainstormed super hero names and catchphrases. Though to many passersby, the catchphrases didn't sound too heroic or masculine in the slightest. "What about diaphanous?" asked the British man, sipping his coffee with [...]

Flash Fiction Friday: Ghosted

Courtesy of Unsplash @ pixabay.com Tiffany Evans emptied her second strawberry margarita, listening with a smile to the ensemble ride wave after wave of piping-hot riffs and solos. Was there nothing classier, sexier, and more sophisticated than jazz? She didn't think so, and she certainly wouldn't stop thinking so. It was the only thing she liked [...]