Monday Musings: The Importance of the Humanities in the Age of Mass Media

Although I just killed my second blog on politics, gender, mental health, and a host of other topics, I don't like getting political on this one. I'd rather stick to posts on writing and flash fiction pieces. But in light of what could possibly the greatest political scandal in American history and in my lifetime, as well the [...]

Writing Wednesday: How to Master Irony by Watching Just TWO Episodes of Mob Psycho 100

Irony. We know it when we see it, right? Or maybe it's something you experience, like the goosebumps you get when you hear a really good singer. It's nuanced. It's subtle. It's there, but it's not there outright until BOOM! Irony. In other words, it's the figurative equivalent of a ghost or spirit coming out of a [...]

Surprise Saturday: So, I Heard Back From JET…

Hey, everybody. Kaleiyah Prose back with another Surprise Saturday post. Remember all that talk about finding out whether I got that job on JET or not? Well... funny story. On March 28, I had just finished writing a letter to myself and dated it for late April to post on this blog. Here's the letter, [...]