Monday Musings: The Importance of the Humanities in the Age of Mass Media

Although I just killed my second blog on politics, gender, mental health, and a host of other topics, I don't like getting political on this one. I'd rather stick to posts on writing and flash fiction pieces. But in light of what could possibly the greatest political scandal in American history and in my lifetime, as well the [...]

Monday Musings: Process Over Product

I am a recovering perfectionist. I have incredibly high standards when it comes to creating art for myself and critiquing the art of others. I don't admit it often, but it's true. I don't mean to be a nitpicker, but I am. Yet with each passing day, I am learning how to throw these standards off and watch [...]

My Day at Anime Expo

Let me write down before I forget to do so in the morning. Today was the 3rd time I'd ever been at Anime Expo.  Yet it was the first time I traveled around the convention center by myself.  No Mom and Dad with me, just my bag, my phone, my money, and myself.  And even [...]