Monday Musings: The Importance of the Humanities in the Age of Mass Media

Although I just killed my second blog on politics, gender, mental health, and a host of other topics, I don't like getting political on this one. I'd rather stick to posts on writing and flash fiction pieces. But in light of what could possibly the greatest political scandal in American history and in my lifetime, as well the [...]

Make-Write Monday: Writer’s Envy and How to Avoid It (As Explained With Frogs)

You've been a writer for quite awhile. You've read most, if not all, the writing craft books there are in the universe. You put pen to paper pretty much every day, maybe even post on your blog for a bit. Maybe even update your Patreon or come up with a new plan of attack on Twitter [...]

Make-Write Monday: Finding Your “Ideal” Readers

I've been reading a lot more on how to become a better writer and blogger, and one of the things that keeps popping up is the concept of needing to know who your "ideal reader" is.  It's a common business practice as well, and it makes perfect sense on the surface.  How are you going [...]