Match the Light

“Light the match, Casie,” John hissed. “Do it.” “But if I light it, then they’ll come.” “No. They’ll stay back. I promise. Just do it.” “I don’t know how to light a match.” “Yes, you do, Casie. Just…” He groaned. “Just swipe the head across the rough part of the rock, and it’ll go.” “But […]

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Review: Moth by Daniel Arenson

Moth by Daniel Arenson My rating: 4 of 5 stars A Compelling Tale (With Minor Setbacks) I’d first heard of Daniel Arenson from a friend of mine, who read Blood of Requiem. While I haven’t read Blood of Requiem, it’s easy to say that the world of Requiem is probably the world that Arenson is […]

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Flash Fiction #2: The Candle

Okay, maybe this will turn into an every day thing, I don’t know.  I don’t believe it will, because I’m primarily a novelist and don’t like to be limited to this form of fiction.  Perhaps I will try to do this weekly to gather more ideas instead.  Otherwise, I should probably focus writing my novels […]

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