Flash Fiction Friday: Butterfly Man

On a Wednesday morning in Hap's Diner, two men -- one Black, the other British --  sat at a table across from each other and brainstormed super hero names and catchphrases. Though to many passersby, the catchphrases didn't sound too heroic or masculine in the slightest. "What about diaphanous?" asked the British man, sipping his coffee with [...]

Monday Musings: Process Over Product

I am a recovering perfectionist. I have incredibly high standards when it comes to creating art for myself and critiquing the art of others. I don't admit it often, but it's true. I don't mean to be a nitpicker, but I am. Yet with each passing day, I am learning how to throw these standards off and watch [...]

Why I Create

In response to Mark Crilley's video entitled "Why Do You Draw?". Lately I've been the in the market for "How to Draw" books, because I feel like I haven't gotten better in my recent attempts at teaching myself illustration.  I suppose this is due to the fact  that illustration takes years--decades, even---of training your brain [...]