Flash Fiction Friday: Butterfly Man

On a Wednesday morning in Hap's Diner, two men -- one Black, the other British --  sat at a table across from each other and brainstormed super hero names and catchphrases. Though to many passersby, the catchphrases didn't sound too heroic or masculine in the slightest. "What about diaphanous?" asked the British man, sipping his coffee with [...]

Flash Fiction Friday: Older Men

Your phone trembles in your hands, and your hot chocolate grows colder. This is stupid. This is so stupid. You shouldn't have come. You shouldn't have texted him. You shouldn't have even come. Coffee makes you sick. You hate coffee. You hate everything about coffee. What part of "Wow, coming to a coffee shop was [...]

Fiction Wednesday: Bleeding Heart by Melissa Graves

Bleeding Heart by Melissa Graves My rating: 2 of 5 stars WARNING! Going to be talking about M/M romance. If you're not into that kind of stuff, head over to another review. Some Hope For the Romance Genre I had just about given up on romance as a genre. I had reasoned that, perhaps, I [...]