Flash Fiction Friday: Memories

In a small apartment in New York City, Clara stared at the only photo she ever kept of herself. She stared at herself as a little girl of ten, wearing a white dress of silk and lace — smiling only because her father told her to smile behind the camera he held. That little girl was no […]

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Flash Fiction Friday: Borderless

Night’s chill reddening his fingertips, Prince Mateo gently slipped the loose brick out of the fortress wall. Beneath a blood-red cloak, two golden eyes — characteristic of the proud Andarans — peered back. “Prince Mateo.” “Asham Adiri. Thank you for coming. ” “Mafira sends her regards.” Adiri adjusted his cloak. “She said that you had a request […]

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Flash Fiction Friday: Ave Maria

Why does God give us gifts that we are too afraid to use? Why, down to the very last freckle, the very last allergy, the very billionth nerve, are we made if we are going to fear what He wants us to have? Is He trying to teach us something? Was she? Clara asks herself these questions […]

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