Flash Fiction Friday: A Cardboard Box

The only thing I want in my life right now is a cardboard box. It’s flexible. It’s durable. It’s everything I’d ever want in a piece of furniture. I can use to dance. I can use to sleep. I can use it for just about anything. And I can put things in it when I [...]

Flash Fiction Friday: Butterfly Man

On a Wednesday morning in Hap's Diner, two men -- one Black, the other British --  sat at a table across from each other and brainstormed super hero names and catchphrases. Though to many passersby, the catchphrases didn't sound too heroic or masculine in the slightest. "What about diaphanous?" asked the British man, sipping his coffee with [...]

Flash Fiction Friday: The Darkness of Doubt

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who created a world all of her own. And in this world, the sun always shined. The grass was always green. The water was always clear. And whatever she envisioned became reality. If she wished to ride a unicorn, one would appear before her, ready to be [...]