Monday Musings: The Importance of the Humanities in the Age of Mass Media

Although I just killed my second blog on politics, gender, mental health, and a host of other topics, I don't like getting political on this one. I'd rather stick to posts on writing and flash fiction pieces. But in light of what could possibly the greatest political scandal in American history and in my lifetime, as well the [...]

3 Days, 3 Quotes (#1)

Thank you, Megan of Invisible World, for nominating me for this challenge.  In honor of my study abroad in Japan, I shall post quotes relating to Japanese culture in some ways, via authors, art, etc. Here's the first one. ゆく河の流れは絶えずして、 しかももとの水にあらず。 The flow of the rushing river does not cease, and, moreover, it is no longer [...]