Writing Wednesday: 3 Myths About “Write What You Know” DEBUNKED

I don't know who was the first person to say "write what you know," but if I ever meet them, I'd like to bop them on the nose. I mean, I'd never actually do it, but... Seriously, I want to. Because I imagine the four-word-sentence-of-doom has confused hundreds, if not thousands, of aspiring, intermediate, and [...]

Make-Write Monday: Writer’s Envy and How to Avoid It (As Explained With Frogs)

You've been a writer for quite awhile. You've read most, if not all, the writing craft books there are in the universe. You put pen to paper pretty much every day, maybe even post on your blog for a bit. Maybe even update your Patreon or come up with a new plan of attack on Twitter [...]

Trick or Treat! :D

I know I posted a new Make-Write Monday awhile ago, but it didn't feel right to post just that, given that it's Halloween. So, as a bonus Halloween treat for all you lovely readers out there, I'm going to give a spooky-good book recommendation for all you Hallow's-Eve-spirited readers out there. It's called The Uncanny Valley: Tales [...]