Surprise Saturday: The Handwriting Challenge

Hey, everybody! Kaleiyah Prose with a special Surprise Saturday post! About two weeks ago, I was tagged by the lovely Megan over at Invisible World to do the Handwriting Challenge, and I did it 😀 ! In my five years as a blogger, it's occurred to me that even though I type a ton of posts, none [...]

Writing Wednesday: 3 Myths About “Write What You Know” DEBUNKED

I don't know who was the first person to say "write what you know," but if I ever meet them, I'd like to bop them on the nose. I mean, I'd never actually do it, but... Seriously, I want to. Because I imagine the four-word-sentence-of-doom has confused hundreds, if not thousands, of aspiring, intermediate, and [...]

I Am Fire, I Am A Writer: Some Words on Fear and Writing

Your breath is cold.  Your eyes are cold.  Everything about you is cold and stiff. When you touch me, you whisper against my ear.  You chill me, and electrify me all at once.  My body is paralyzed.  Paralyzed with cold, white fear. I don’t hear you, but whatever you say turns me into a tiny ember, [...]